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Foundation Class – Soccer for Young Children

Foundation Soccer for Young Children
Youth Ages 6 to 9

Foundation soccer class is great for young children ages 6-9 who are first learning about soccer,  as well as those already playing in recreational soccer leagues such as AYSO. We develop skills through fun soccer-related games that will help players be successful on the field.

soccer for young children

Our USSF licensed coaches teach the important fundamental skills of dribbling, turning, passing, receiving and shooting with proper technique.

This class is ideal for players who want to take their soccer game to the next level.

When ready you can also look at more specific programs such as:

Foundation Plus (ages 10-13)
Futsal skills (ages 10+)
TOCA training using our high-tech soccer release machine

Schedule 2020

Mondays and Thursdays
5pm – 6pm

Ages 6 to 9 years old
1 time a week $90 per month (4 classes)
2 times a week $170 per month ( 8 classes)

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